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BigXthaPlug: Who is He & His Net Worth?

Musical Style and Themes
Musical Style and Themes

BigXthaPlug: Texas Rapper Making Strides

BigXthaPlug, born Xavier Landum on May 12, 1998, is a rising star in the American rap scene. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, BigXthaPlug brings a distinct Southern hip hop sound with his catchy rhymes and energetic flow. Signed to UnitedMasters, he’s been steadily building a fanbase with his music, particularly tracks like “Texas,” “Mmhmm,” “Climate,” “Levels,” and “Whip It.”

Early Life and Influences

There’s not much publicly available information about BigXthaPlug’s early life. However, his music offers some clues about his background and influences. Tracks like “Texas” make it clear that his hometown holds a special place in his heart. He references Texas icons like Beyoncé, Trae the Truth, and Devin the Dude, showcasing his connection to the Southern rap scene.

Lyrics also suggest that BigXthaPlug was influenced by legendary Texas rappers like Pimp C and Z-Ro. Their signature storytelling style and focus on street life seem to resonate in BigXthaPlug’s own music. Additionally, he mentions Gunna, hinting at a connection with the new wave of Southern trap music.

Musical Style and Themes

Musical Style and Themes
Musical Style and Themes

BigXthaPlug’s music blends the traditional Southern hip hop sound with a modern trap influence. His lyrics often explore themes of hustling, success, and the Texas lifestyle.

  • Texas Pride: Songs like “Texas” are anthems dedicated to his home state. He raps about Texas culture, referencing swangas (luxury cars), diamonds, and the distinct Southern drawl.
  • Streetwise : BigXthaPlug isn’t afraid to delve into the realities of street life. Tracks reference overcoming challenges and the importance of staying vigilant.
  • Success and Ambition: BigXthaPlug’s music is full of bravado and boasts about his achievements. He raps about expensive possessions, designer clothes, and the finer things in life.

Discography and Collaborations

While BigXthaPlug doesn’t appear to have a full-length album yet, he’s released a steady stream of singles and music videos. These can be found on streaming platforms and his YouTube channel [YouTube bigxthaplug]. Here’s a look at some of his notable tracks:

  • Texas (2023): This song is a celebration of his Texan identity. It features upbeat production and catchy lyrics that have resonated with fans.
  • Mmhmm (2023): A more laid-back track showcasing BigXthaPlug’s smooth flow.
  • Climate (feat. Offset) (2024): This collaboration with Migos member Offset generated significant buzz. The song features verses from both rappers over a hard-hitting trap beat.
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Impact and Future Prospects

BigXthaPlug is still a relatively new artist, but he’s gaining traction within the rap scene. His music videos have garnered millions of views, and he’s collaborated with established artists like Offset.

Here are some factors that could contribute to his future success:

  • Continued Focus on Texas Identity: By staying true to his roots and celebrating Texas culture, BigXthaPlug can solidify his place within the Southern hip hop scene.
  • Genre-Bending Collaborations: Working with artists from different backgrounds can broaden his appeal and expose him to new audiences.
  • Evolving Lyrical Content: While BigXthaPlug’s current style is successful, incorporating more personal narratives and introspective themes could add depth to his music.

BigXthaPlug is a name to watch in the rap industry. With his catchy music, dedication to his Texas roots, and willingness to collaborate, he has the potential to become a major force in Southern hip hop.

Bigxthaplug Top Hits

There are many hit songs of bigxthaplug on different music platforms. Here are some of BigXthaPlug’s top hits on Youtube:

  • BigXthaPlug – Mmhmm (Official Video)
  • BigXthaPlug feat. Offset – Climate (Official Video)

Bigxthaplug Personal Life

Bigxthaplug Personal Life
Bigxthaplug Personal Life

BigXthaPlug, whose real name is Xavier Landum, is pretty open about some aspects of his personal life, especially how it influences his music. Here’s what we know:

  • Family Man: BigXthaPlug has a son, Amar, who inspired the name of his debut album [Wikipedia]. He’s driven to provide for his family through his music career [XXL Mag].
  • Rough Beginnings: Landum faced challenges early on. He was arrested for aggravated robbery and other charges, and spent time in jail [XXL Mag].
  • Turning Point: While in solitary confinement, Landum started writing raps as a way to cope and stay sane. This experience fueled his passion for music [SPIN].
  • Football Dreams: Landum was a talented football player in high school and even had a scholarship offer, but academic struggles prevented him from going pro [SPIN].
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However, there are some aspects of BigXthaPlug’s personal life that he keeps private, like the identity of his baby mama and details about his legal troubles.

Bigxthaplug Net Worth

BigXthaPlug’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. This figure likely considers his music career earnings, including streaming income, album sales, and potential touring revenue. It’s important to remember that net worth estimates are not always accurate and can be based on incomplete information.

Bigxthaplug Monthly Revenue

There isn’t publicly available information on BigXthaPlug’s specific revenue.

However, we can look at different sources of income for rappers to get an idea of how he might make money:

  • Music Streaming: Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music pay musicians a small amount per stream. BigXthaPlug has over 100 million global streams, so this could be a significant source of income.
  • Album Sales: While digital sales aren’t what they used to be, BigXthaPlug’s album “Amar” and EP “The Biggest” could still generate some income.
  • Live Shows: BigXthaPlug performs live, including headlining shows and opening for bigger rappers. This can be a lucrative income source.
  • Record Label Deal: BigXthaPlug is signed to UnitedMasters, which may provide him with an advance or other financial benefits.
  • Merchandise: Some rappers sell merchandise like t-shirts and hats, though there is no public information on whether BigXthaPlug does this.

Overall, while we can’t know for sure how much BigXthaPlug makes, it seems likely that his income comes from a combination of these sources.


BigXthaPlug’s journey is one of transformation. After a troubled youth and involvement in illegal activities, he faced a turning point in jail. Channeling his experiences into music, he released his debut album “Amar,” finding success and using his platform to share his story. Now a label owner, BigXthaPlug looks to the future, determined to leave his past behind and inspire others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BigXthaPlug’s most popular song?

There is no definitive answer to this, but “Primetime” released in January 2023 seems to be one of the popular choices. You can find it on platforms like YouTube or music streaming services.

What is BigXthaPlug’s latest release?

BigXthaPlug’s latest release is “Meet The 6ixers” which is a single.

Does BigXthaPlug have an official website?

Yes, BigXthaPlug has an official website. There you can find links to his music, merchandise, and news.

How can I book BigXthaPlug for an event?

Information about booking BigXthaPlug can be found on agent booking websites like bookingagentinfo. They should have contact details for BigXthaPlug’s agent who can provide information on availability and pricing.

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