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Know about YouTuber Singer Chrisean Rock Net Worth

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Chrisean Rock has a whooping net worth of 3 million dollars, she is one of the youngest people to achieve this milestone in her mid-twenties. So do you want to take inspiration from Chrisean Rock’s lifestyle or want to unearth the multi-talented star, then this blog is for you. Here you will be informed about Chrisean Rock’s net worth so far along with her early life, educational, and personal details.

Chrisean is an American Rapper, model, singer, and influencer whose soundtracks have recently gained popularity in a very short period. She is also popular for her media presence be it with the help of Youtube videos or podcasts. The first breakthrough she received was from a YouTube video that became viral. This event inspired her further to keep on creating good content.

Later she also shifted her focus from songs to personal vlogging where she would inform her followers about her daily routine. Her personal YouTube channel with the name “Chrisean Rock” is growing rapidly. With just a few videos that are not more than 1.5 dozen, she has already gained nearly 400k subscribers and millions of views.

Her fans not only support her videos but also her other videos which she makes in collaboration with other artists “Lil Mabu”. But all was not good in her life. She had a rough childhood and has undergone many ups and downs. Yet she never surrendered and faced adversity with similar courage. She has more to offer which we will surely see in the upcoming years.

To begin with, let us first have a glance at her childhood and early life background

  • Chrisean Rock was born on 14th March 2000 in Baltimore, Maryland USA to and Afro-American couple. Her real name is Chrisean Malone. Malone’s family’s main challenge was providing for the family of 14 therefore to meet the demands of such a large family, desires had to be curbed. The family included a couple and 12 children out of which Chrisean is the 11th one. 
  • The family was already suffering but a prison sentence to Chrisean’s father further amplified their misery. Chrisean was able to see her father only after she was 7 years of age. In search of better opportunities, her family frequently switched locations and jobs which often led Chrisean to change schools. 
  • At the age of 9, the family became homeless and Chrisean often stayed over with her friends or close family members. Her mother too suffered severely from addiction but things have become stable now for the family.
  •  In an interview, Chrisean revealed that her parents now are leading a decent lifestyle forgetting the past. Later to pursue higher education, Chrisean attended Santa Monica College in California and graduated in the year 2020. Her hobbies include singing, listening to music, working, and cooking. 
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Chrisean Rock Career:

  • During her school and college Chrisean was fond of athletics. She participated in the “Ultimate Tag” show organized by the Fox Game which helped her with the prize money of 10000 dollars. After the event, she was able to secure a seat as well as a scholarship at Santa Monica College. Throughout her journey, she had the constant support of her friends and field coach. 
  • Chrisean was familiar with social media tools and knew how she could use them to her advantage. She began sharing her vlogs on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and others which further grew her followers. Taking solely about the Instagram platform, Chrisean has seen a steep rise in her followers in a few months. Her followers have gone from the 1 million mark to 4 Million in a very short span of YouTube. 
  • The other platform, which is YouTube, on the other hand not so. Youtube is one of her recent ventures and is still at a nascent stage. The subscriber count on Youtube stands around 400k but the record music which she generally launches along with other artists, has millions of views. The main reason for the stagnation of her YouTube channel is that initially, she started as a makeup tutorial channel but later switched to vlogs and video launched and the algorithm does not work like that. 
  • Her first music video that she launched on YouTube has 4 Million views named “Rainy Days” which is a record in itself for a beginner. Her next consecutive songs soon followed the trend and “Vibe” and “Lil Mabu” are still at the top of the views chart. 
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Chrisean Rock Net Worth:

Chrisean Rock is one of the leading American artists and also one of the millennials to hit the Million dollar benchmark. All her income sources including endorsements, music records, investments, and Youtube income, make up Chrisean Rock’s net worth of USD 3 Million.

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