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Know emerging Rapper Chrisean Rock Net Worth

What is Chrisean Rock Net Worth?

This is the most intriguing question about the young social media influencer and celebrity, Chrisean Rock. Chrisean Rock has an entire net worth of 3 million dollars which is increasing at a good pace. There aren’t many other celebrities of her age who have managed to accumulate this fortune yet are tender in age. To attain this stardom, she has undergone various hardships in life and emerged victorious each time. For the audience who are unaware of this sensational girl and her net worth, this blog will cover the entire information regarding Chrisean Rock net worth, past relationships, boyfriends, early life, and other personal details. 

Who is Chrisean Rock? A glimpse into her early life:

Who is Chrisean Rock
Who is Chrisean Rock
  • Born on March 14 in the year 2000, Chrisean Rock is an American rapper, singer, model, and social media influencer whose tracks become instant hits whenever they are released. Her real name is Chrisean Malone and she was born to an Afro-American couple in Baltimore, USA. Her parents had to look after 12 kids which was a challenge for them. The family was always living from paycheck to paycheck. Chrisean was their 11th child.
  • The family was completely broke after her father was awarded a prison sentence of 12 years and Chrisean was able to see her father only after she was 7. Her mother had to frequently change cities in order to provide the best facilities for her children. While Chrisean was 9, the family became homeless and her mother became an addict and she often had to stay with her friends or family members. But all those days are gone. Now, Chrisean is living a luxurious lifestyle while her parents have forgotten their past and are leading a decent lifestyle.
  • Talking about her education, Chrisean completed her education till high school from various public schools while for a professional course, she attended Santa Monica College in California to pursue her degree in Mass communication.

Chrisean Rock career:

 Chrisean Rock career
Chrisean Rock career
  • Since childhood, Chrisean has been interested in making a career as a professional rapper but it wasn’t possible until one of her videos became extremely popular on YouTube. This motivated her further to make more such content. Soon after she also began a personal vlog channel where she would update her fans about her daily routine. The name of the channel is “Chrisean Rock” which has more than 400k subscribers and above 20+ songs uploaded having millions of views. She also features in collaboration with other rappers and artists from the industry such as “Lil Mabu”, “Blueface” and others.
  • She first appeared on the screen for a show named “Ultimate Tag” in 2020 which appeared on the Fox competition channel. She was the winner of the show and received $10k as the winning amount which she used to complete her higher education degree. Then she appeared in “Blue Girls Club”, where she met “Blueface” for the first time. 

Chrisean Rock Net Worth:

Chrisean Rock’s main source of income is song creation and YouTube. From this source alone she is able to generate $600k per year. Her other income comes through royalties she earns from platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. A small portion of her Net Worth comes from podcast interviews and guest appearances. So from combining all the income sources her net worth is above $3 million dollars. 

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