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Our blog attracts the notable guests every month globally to write for us. This the platform to distribute your creativity worldwide. Our distribution integrates a wide range of innovations via our blog posts. Before making an article for please review this entire page as it clearly explains the guidelines to write for us along with the submission process.

We acknowledge a wide-range of topics at successnewspaper.com including entertainment, politics, news, lifestyle, education, business and many more. Your guest post should be rich in content so readers can take inspiration from it.

Submission Guidelines

You may submit a small pitch, a short paragraph, or a rough or partial draft to alexjordan1953@gmail.com  for completing the submission process of your article. Send your article in Google doc file or word format. It must meet the quality standards in order to get published. Before heading into us kindly follow the guidelines:

  • Your article must be 1000+ words and should proffer something valuable to our readers.
  • Our editors reserve the right to reject your contributions at their discretion or you will be asked to work closely with an editor on revision or minor edits.
  • You will get one self-serving link to a relevant, informative, resource in the article’s body, to your site, or to any of your social media channels in the author bio.
  • You can also link to other pertinent articles at successnewspaper.com that may add value to your content.
  • Refrain from excessive linking and keep the link count under five.
  • Your specified outgoing links must be appropriate to our blog. For instance, you can make links to SEO agencies, dating sites, and credit-related sites.
  • Once your content is published on our blog you cannot republish it anywhere else not even on your blog as well.
  • Adding relevant images and videos is encouraged, they make the article alluring for the reader.
  • When you use any image in your article, ensure not to violate copyright.
  • You can also include tables and charts in your content for making it more clear.

Consider Topics To Write For Us

We are open up for guest posting to give our readers a chance to get new ideas. So we like to work with real people. Refer to the following topics to prepare article for our blog:

  • Business analytics
  • Tips and tricks related to business
  • Articles in relation to health
  • Technology news
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Reviews of the gadgets
  • Arts and Culture
  • Music and movie news
  • Fashion news
  • Healthy eating tips
  • Bodyweight training

In addition, you can also refer to the existing articles on our blog for taking many references on topics.

Benefit To A Guest Poster

This practice will greatly increase your chances to be popular worldwide. Your content will be distributed globally and you will get exploration in such field. You can strengthen your authority on the web. As your posts will bring you to new set of audience plus you will gain attention from potential new customers. Guest post writers will also get social media exposure such as on our pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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