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Know Bader Shammas net worth & about his wife Lindsay Lohan

REAL NAME Bader Shammas 
BADER SHAMMAS NET WORTH over 100 million dollars
BADER SHAMMAS SALARY PER YEAR more than 12 million dollars 
BADER SHAMMAS OCCUPATION Vice President at Credit Suisse

As soon as the marriage news of the Hollywood actress and singer Lindsay Lohan made headlines with her boyfriend Bader Shammas made headlines, the public became eager to know about Bader Shammas’s net worth, age, ethnicity, and other details of Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend Bader Shammas and their wedding details. People are familiar with Lindsay Lohan and have seen her in many Hollywood movies playing lead roles but they have little information about Lindsay Lohan’s secret boyfriend Bader Shammas. Even there is the absence of a page about Bader Shammas Wikipedia. So here in this blog, we have compiled all the information about Bader Shammas’s wedding with Lindsay Lohan and compiled his net worth to provide you with a clear picture.

Who is Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend Bader Shammas? know full details

Bader Shammas is currently the vice president of a leading financial firm Credit Suisse currently residing in Dubai. Originally he is from UAE but moved to Florida, USA to pursue his education. After completing his higher education, he attended one of the leading Ivy League colleges to pursue his passion for Mechanical Engineering as a major. While he was a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of South Florida, he also minored in Finance, and later to pursue a master’s degree, he went to the University of Tampa. Later on, to make a career in finance, Bader Shammas moved to Dubai where he has been residing for the past 9 years. There is no known information about Bader Shamma’s early life, parents, and other relatives. Bader believes in the philosophy of leading a low-profile life. He does have an Instagram account which has not more than 1,000 followers and all his feeds are hidden in his profile. His ID was only discovered when Lindsay Lohan herself tagged him in one of her posts captioning “My love. My Life. My Family. My Future @bader.shammas 3 love 11.11.21” which was Lindsay Lohan and her boyfriend Bader Shammas engagement date. 

Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend Bader Shammas age:

Both the couple seem to be a perfect match made in heaven as both are approximately the same age. Lindsay Lohan was born on 2 July 1986 in Bronx, New York while her boyfriend Bader Shammas was born on 4 November 1987 in Florida. Lindsay therefore is 36 years of age while her husband Bader Shammas is 37 years of age. The couple got married in April 2022 in a closed ceremony attended by a few family members, friends, and media personnel. 

Bader Shamma ethnicity and other physical features:

All this information is not easily accessible but on the prima facie, Bader Shamas is an attractive individual his ethnicity appears to be Arab who was born and brought up in Florida, USA. He has black hair and a fair skin complexion. His height is 1.8 meters and weighs between 75kg to 80 kg or 165 to 175 pounds. His religion is not known but some sources claim it to be Muslim. He does not have any tattoos on his body so far. He is a sound businessman and financier having countless years of experience. 

Bader Shammas Career:

As soon as he moved to the USA to pursue studies, he gained knowledge and expertise in diverse fields such as Mechanical Engineering and Finance. During his graduation was an intern at Ernest and Young. Then he was invited to Dubai where he worked in wealth and assets management firms like BNP Paribas and AIX investment group before finally moving to Credit Suisse as a Vice President in the firm. Bader Shammas has nearly a decade of experience in the financial sector and so far has managed to secure a large number of investments and assets which further contribute to his net worth

Bader Shamma public appearances and social media accounts:

Bader Shammas has never made a public appearance with Lindsay but has an Instagram account but the contents of his profile are restricted. All the information regarding him reached the public from Lindsay Lohan’s account where she posted many photos of them together on several occasions. Bader Shammas’s official account is worse. Shammas has a little over 1000 followers and he too follows the nearly same amount of accounts. All news regarding engagement, marriage, and first child reached the true view of the public through Lindsay’s official account. 

Bader Shamma’s wedding with Lindsay Lohan

The couple first met in Dubai six years ago. Bader and Shammas got engaged on 11 November 2021 and finally, the wedding vows were held at a secret closed ceremony in April 2022.  Since then, the couple has been living a luxurious life in Dubai and often visits the USA to meet family and friends, and for other work-related issues. In July 2023, the couple was blessed with a baby boy. 

Bader Shammas and Lindsay Lohan’s children:

The couple so far has one baby boy whose exact date of birth is unknown but it is confirmed that the baby was born in July 2023. The name of the baby is “Luai” which stands for “shield” in the Arabic language. Alternatively, the baby boy is also called “BB Lilo” out of love. 

Bader Shammas net worth:

Though Bader Shammas is not active in the public sphere and is not an actor by profession just like Lindsay his actual net worth is way more than some of the leading Hollywood actors only because Bader Shammas himself by profession is a financial and investor has deep knowledge of how money works. Since he is in a top-notch position at one of the leading Financial firms “Credit Suisse”, Bader Shammas’s salary alone is more than 12 million dollars per year. Apart from these, he also comes from one of the most influential families in the UAE, and his inherited property in UAE is worth more than 25 million dollars. He has also made some recent purchases in terms of real estate in Dubai, Los Angeles, and Florida. He in his financial portfolio has some good quality stocks, invested funds, and debentures which further add up to Bader Shammas’s net worth. He all in all is leading a luxurious lifestyle and his net worth can be easily estimated for over $100 million. 

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