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Tom Macdonald’s net worth, girlfriend, cars and other details

Tom Macdonald
Tom Macdonald
TOM MACDONALD NET WORTH5 million dollars
TOM MACDONALD OCCUPATION/PROFESSIONRapper, songwriter, ex-professional wrestler
TOM MACDONALD CAREERStarted as a professional wrestler then became a rapper and singer
TOM MACDONALD GIRLFRIENDNova Rockafeller or Nova Leigh Paholek
TOM MACDONALD APPEARANCEWWE, podcasts, and other TV shows and songs
TOM MACDONALD DOB21 September 1988
TOM MACDONALD OTHER NAMES Allstar, Mr. MacDonald, and T. Mac
TOM MACDONALD BEST HITS“Dear Rappers”, “Fake Woke”, and “Brainwashed”
TOM MACDONALD CONTROVERSIESWas previously suffering from alcoholism, is critical of the LGBTQ community

What is Tom Macdonald’s net worth? This is the most intriguing question these days. To sum up in short, Tom Macdonald, till now has a net worth of over 5 million dollars. Fans of Tom Macdonald are curious to learn more about the rapper’s profession, net worth, income sources, girlfriend, age, and other information not widely available on the internet. Besides these, Tom Macdonald is aggressively available on all leading social media platforms and quite often makes public appearances in shows, podcasts, and interviews. Tom Macdonald is the face of HangOver gang label records and so far has successfully delivered more than 50 tracks. So to get full details of Tom Macdonald stay tuned with the blog below.

Tom Macdonald’s early life and background:

  • Born on 21 September 1988, Tom Macdonald is a Canadian rapper, athlete, songwriter, and ex-professional wrestler. His real name is Thomas MacDonald and has spent a fair share of time living in Canada. In his childhood, he lived in British Columbia and then moved to Alberta for better opportunities. Currently, he is residing in Los Angeles USA.
  • From the age of 20 to 27, Tom MacDonald was a professional wrestler and he adopted “Allstar” as his stage name. Then he shifted his interest towards raping and songwriting but it was only in the year 2021, his songs “Dear Rappers”, “Fake Woke”, and “Brainwashed” made a significant impact on his career when they all appeared in the “Billboard Hot 100” for that very year.
  • Little do the fans know that Tom Macdonald has a history of alcoholism for much of his life. In 2017, Tom had a breakdown and had to attend a rehabilitation center which affected his image negatively. But soon after he made a strong comeback with rap songs. The style of his rap is hip-hop, alternative hip-hop, and political hip-hop. Although he is immensely loved by his fans, there is a group of rap music lovers who strongly criticize him for his rap being irrelevant.
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Tom Macdonald’s career:

  • Tom Macdonald was keen towards rapping since the age of 18 but he did not pursue it as a career and instead opted to play professional wrestling. It was only in 2018 when his track dropped by the name “Dear Rappers” which was also produced by his girlfriend Nova Rockafeller This song became an instant hit and has more than 7.2 million views so far. His career has also been tainted with some controversies, he is very vocal about his opinions on the LGBTQ community. His song “Straight White Male” was not welcomed by the masses and was heavily criticized.
  • But in the year 2020, his career took an upward step when his album consisting of 20 single tracks was widely popular and remained trending on the Billboard. Some of those tracks are “Coronavirus”, “White Trash”, “Best Rapper Ever”, “Sellout”, “Angels”, “Cancer”, and “Cloned Rappers”
  • In the year 2022, Tom collaborated with another prominent rapper named “Adam Calhoun” for a new album called “Brave”. This album broke all the previous records and more than 16000 copies of it were sold alone in the US. Seeing the success, the two artists again collaborated in 2023 for a song named “American Flags” which remained in the chart at 2nd position in the USA while 8th in Canada. Then in September 2023, another part of the “Brave” album was released by the name “Brave 2”. In his interviews, Tom Macdonald has mentioned that the Beatles, Eminem, Kanye West, Tupac, Pink Floyd, and a few others have been his sources of inspiration.
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Tom Macdonald’s social media presence:

Tom Macdonald has a wide social presence. He is available on all leading platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. On Instagram, Tom Macdonald recently touched the 1 Million mark. Where he shares information regarding his new releases and endorses a few brands. On YouTube, His official channel has more than 4.12 million subscribers, and most of his songs have crossed the million mark.

Apart from these, he is also available on Facebook and Twitter but his presence is seldom here.

Tom Macdonald’s net worth:

  • As mentioned previously, Tom Macdonald has a net worth of more than 5 million dollars. Before actively becoming a rapper he had already saved more than 1000000 million dollars from his previous career as a professional wrestler.
  • Now from YouTube revenue alone, he generates more than 20 million views per year which adds $ 100000 million to his yearly income. Apart from those for single tracks he releases for other labels, Tom charges a fee between $50000 to $10000 per track. From his own label production house he earns 250000 dollars per year.
  • Apart from all these direct sources of income, Tom Macdonald has also made some sound investments in real estate, stocks, gold, NFTS, and other tangible assets. He owns a luxurious two sets of apartments in LA from which he receives a monthly payment of $35000 per month from each apartment. His recent car collection includes a Lamborghini Urus, a Maybach, and a Toyota Tacoma. When Eminem released his NFT during the “Shady Con ” event, Tom Macdonald purchased “Stan’s Revenge” by Eminem for a whopping amount of $100000. He further created his song “Dear Slim” using that instrument in May 2021. So all his investments and other sources of income elevate Tom Macdonald’s net worth from 3 million dollars to over 5 million dollars.
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Here are some FAQs regarding Tom Macdonald:

Who is Tom Macdonald?

Tom Macdonald is a Canadian rapper from British Columbia but is currently residing in Los Angeles, USA due to work. His other occupations include that of a singer, songwriter, and record music producer of the Hangover gang. He is also a former professional wrestler also known as “Allstar”. He has actively played wrestling from 2023 to 2015.

What are the other names of Tom Macdonald?

  • While he was a professional wrestler, he was known as “Allstar”. Now he is alternatively known as Mr. MacDonald and T. Mac.
  • How old is Tom Macdonald?
  • Born on 21 September 1988, Tom Macdonald as of 2023 is 35 years of age.

Who is Tom Macdonald’s girlfriend?

Nova Rockafeller or Nova Leigh Paholek who is also a Canadian rapper is the girlfriend of Tom Macdonald. The couple came closer in 2017 when Nova was the director of his music videos during the shoot of “Dear Rappers” and were in the same band named GFBF. They have been dating since 2017 but have not married yet.

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