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Know Model Celina Powell Net worth and other details

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Are you aware of Celina Powell’s Net worth? If not then this blog is for you. After the penetration of social media into the lives of people, many self-claimed influencers and celebrities have emerged. It has given a common platform for all where one can show his/her talent without much of an investment. One such celebrity is Celina Powell. Celina Powell is also an Instagram influencer and celebrity whose life revolves around controversies of some or the other kind. Still, Celina Powell has a net worth of around $2 million which many of us still dream about. In this blog, we will have a sneak peek into her life and her sources of income.

Who is Celina Powell?

  • Celina Powell is an Instagram and OnlyFans model, celebrity, and influencer from America. She was born on 28 December 1992 in Cincinnati province of Ohio district. Her mother’s name is Serene Powell while her father’s name is Richard Powell. They moved to the States in the early 80s along with Celina and her two other siblings from Trinidad and Tobago. Initially, Richard started working for some odd jobs before he landed a marketing job at Coca-Cola.  His career skyrocketed from there after which he was able to provide the best for his family. 
  • Celina Powell is the eldest of her siblings. After graduating from Cincinnati School in Ohio, Celina wanted to pursue a career in modeling for which she also auditioned for many roles during her stay at the University of Miami but could not land a single assignment. After this incident, she dropped out of college and started her own Instagram account. 
  • Selina always believed in making quick money and bypassing the element of hard work. After seeing the popularity of OnlyFans, she redirected her audience towards that platform from her Instagram account. Her major source of income comes from this source only which accounts for almost 60 percent of her net worth. 
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Selina Powell’s personal life:

Selina Powell's personal life

Selina Powell has made some astonishing claims regarding her personal life which are unbelievable to some extent. She has often associated herself with various rappers, artists, and other individuals belonging to the entertainment or sports industry.  She claims to have relationships with Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka, Flame, Fetty Wap, Kiari Cephus, and various other rappers. Other men whom Selina Powell has dated include  O’Shea Jackson Jr, Akon,  Aaron Carter, Dwight Howard,  Cash Out,  DJ Akademiks, Fatboy, Adam Grandmaison, and Dez Bryant.

It is only due to her tall claims, that she has gained so much popularity and followers in such a short period. Her followers on Instagram and subscribers on Only Fans grew year on year.

Selina Powell’s Career:

Instagram helped her greatly in gaining popularity in a short period. Her official account “celinaapowellxo” has more than 3.5 million followers while her YouTube channel “Celina Powell” is in the nascent stage of growth.  Previously for some violations, her Instagram account was banned but was later revived. Her Instagram account usually consists of her stunning images in different dresses that she uses as bait to lure followers to her OnlyFans account. Her YouTube account as on now is not that popular as she seldom uploads content on this platform. She also uses both these mediums to convey her messages to her fans.

Selina Powell’s income sources and Net Worth:

Selina Powell's income sources

  • As an influencer and OnlyFans model, she generates a massive amount of her income from these two platforms. From OnlyFans she receives royalty, and gifts, from the platform as well as users while from the Instagram platform, she earns through various brand endorsements. Her charges vary from brand to brand for makeup brands like Diva Boutique, Pretty Little Thing, and Fashion Nova Curve
  •  She charges anywhere between 300k to 500k dollars per post while for clothing brands she charges from 700k to 100k dollars. These incomes too further add to her net worth. All her income sources range between $1 million USD to $1.5 million USD. 
  • Her YouTube income as of now is a liability rather than an asset as she has to spend a fair amount of her income on video editing. Her other sources of income come in from interviews, podcasts, photoshoots, and videos for which she charges from $25k to $100k per assignment.
  • The remaining portion of her net worth comes from her Ancestral properties, investments, and various other ventures she has invested. She has also invested in gold bonds, equity markets, shares, and stocks which all add up and raise Selina Powell’s net worth to $2 million dollars.
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