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Dj Akademiks Net Worth (2023)-Background And Lifestyle

Dj Akademiks
Dj Akademiks

DJ Akademiks’ net worth is above $10 million dollars. Call him as DJ Akademiks, Livingston Allen, Lil AK, Akademiks, Big AK, AK, or The Negrotiator! He is a Youtuber, Twitch streamer, Hip-hop commentator, and celebrity. Born on 17 May 1989 he took off his career as a podcast host. The 34-year-old artist is also highly qualified and possesses a degree in biomathematics. He has accumulated an abundance of wealth and experience over a period of 11 years. From discussing in online hip-hop forums to a full-time multitalented media personality, DJ Akhademiks has come a long way in his career.

His early life and educational background

  • His real name is Livingston Allen. Born in the Caribbean country of Jamaica in a Spanish town city, he was always a keen enthusiast of the rap industry. He was born on 17 May 1989 to a Jamaican couple.
  • In Jamaica, his father was a school principal and he reportedly had external affairs due to his affluence in the community. His father’s conduct was always the reason for drifting away his son from him. His father has settled with another family and with time he forgave his father.
  • He grew up in his mother’s presence and under his grandmother’s care. He also has a younger brother whose name remains yet to be disclosed.
  • He has a bachelor’s degree graduate in bio-mathematics from Rutgers University, New Jersey. Additionally, he also has a master’s degree in Math Finance.

DJ Akademik’s career progression

  • He used to post comments on online hip-hop forums as a child. When he was at Rutgers University, he was a disc jockey at WRSU-FM radio station till 2013. In college, he also created a buzzing website named “Late Night Creep” which gave the latest hip-hop updates. Within no time, the website received positive feedback and generated traffic.
  • This success motivated him to launch a Youtube channel named “DJ Akademiks” in the year 2012. His other YouTube channels include:
  • In the year 2012, he released 1 Youtube channel with subscribers of over 2.80 Million for regular content and podcasts by the name “DJ Akademiks”.
  • In the year 2014 two channels were released first was Crime Fails which focused on criminal incidents and the second was The War in Chiraq which depicted Chicago’s gang conflict culture.
  • In the year 2015, he created “King Akademiks” for Twitch streaming, “Akademiks TV” for uploading rare footage of rap artists, “DJ Akademiks” for rap and hip-hop industry buzz updates, and ” DJ Akademiks TV2 – The Negotiator” as a backup to “DJ Akademiks”.
  • He has co-hosted a daily show for “Complex” named “Everyday Struggle”. His alter-ego Lil Ak also received massive support from his fans which was showcased in his video “Blues Clues” which included an appearance of “6ix9ine”. It has over 3 million views and the duo also released the “GATA” song which has over 5.5 million views.
  • In 2021 August, he partnered with the audible brand Spotify and launched his podcast-“Off the Record with DJ Akademiks”. Three episodes are released per week and generally include a discussion with Hip-hop artists, rap musicians, celebrities, and other media personalities. On his main YouTube channel, he has interviewed well-known artists such as “Kodak Black”, “6ix9ine” and others
  • On 2023 April he live-streamed on another platform Rumble.
  • His commentary has been appreciated and criticized by many in the industry. 21 Savage and Soulja Boy have applauded DJ for his work while others have criticized like Eminem dissed DJ in his song “‘Fall”.
  • His Instagram account has 5.2 million followers. He uploads pictures of himself, venues, podcasts shorts, and activities to keep his fans engaged.
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DJ Akademik’s net worth and assets

DJ’s main income comes from multiple YouTube channel monetization and brand endorsements. His other set of income comes in the form of royalty paid by hosting websites such as Apple Music and Spotify. Instagram also contributes to his income which he uses for brand marketing and scaling. From all his incomes combined his net worth as of 2023 is $10 million dollars which will further rise owning to the hype of the star.

What is the recent controversy surrounding DJ Akademiks?

The old rivals, DJ Akademiks and Yung Miami have again involved themselves in a tackle. In a livestream, he referred to her as a clown and pony. Yung reverted back by calling him a gay slur.

What are DJ Akademiks all names?

DJ Akademiks, Livingston Allen, Lil AK, Akademiks, Big AK, AK, or The Negotiator are all his names used in multiple instances.

Who is DJ Akademik’s girlfriend?

Angelica Ggx, an Instagram celeb has been his girlfriend for a long time.

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