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Know Kayla Nicole Net Worth & relationship status

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Kayla Nicole is one of the most searched celebrity individuals these days. Kayla Nicole is one of the leading sports journalists having a net worth of around 2.5 Million USD.  For readers who are not familiar with Kayla Nicole, this blog is all about them. This blog will give comprehensive coverage of Kayla Nicole’s Net worth, early life, educational background, and other details related to her personal and professional life and why has this influencer made the headlines again will also be discussed. You will be informed about all the life events of Kayla Nicole with exact estimations of her recent Net worth taking into account all her assets and liabilities. To begin let us first begin with the introduction of Kayla Nicole

Who is Kayla Nicole? Early life and educational background:

  • The name of Kayla Nicole first surfaced in the year 2017 when popular NFL player Travis Kelce who plays for Kansas City Chief began dating Kayla Nicole shortly after breaking up with his long-time girlfriend Benberry. Kyla Nicole at that time was a sports journalist for a leading sports agency that gave a wide coverage of the NFL events. 
  • Kayla Nicole was born on 1 November 1991 in Los Angeles California. Her ancestral roots can be traced back to the Carabian Islands. Her mother’s name is Robin Curry while her father’s name is Roosevelt Brown. The couple also has one other daughter and Kayla Nicole is the younger among the two.
  •  After completing her schooling at the public school, she moved to Malibu to pursue a degree in the field of journalism from Pepperdine University. Immediately after completing her graduation, she was offered an internship for hosting NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers franchise.
  • Apart from these events, she has also hosted other events like the Global Grind, BallisLife Heat Check, BET, and others. Before transforming her career in the field of Journalism, Kayla also has a short career in the fashion industry. In a very short period, she became the winner of Miss CA in the year 2013 and was the first runner-up for Miss Malibu for the same year. Before that, she had also contested in the Miss CA USA 2012 event where she finished in the 10th position. 
  • Currently, she is working for Fashion Reverie magazine alongside running her talk show by the name “Kayla Nicole TV”. She also receives various brand endorsements from other leading channels and agencies. She is also an Instagram influencer having millions of followers in her profile. 
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Kayla Nicole’s personal life:

  • Before 2017, there was hardly any news about Kayla Nicole in the public domain. Her relationships before that are not accounted for here. It all began when Travis Kelce broke up with his ex-girlfriend Maya Benberry, all the limelight got focused on Kayla Nicole.
  •  In the beginning, everything looked normal between the couple but the first spark of split up was sparked in August 2020, when the couple took a break from each other for a short duration.
  •  Nicole had also deleted all the images relating to their relationship from her official Instagram account but some more months down the line, they both were seen together at an event which signaled confirmation of their relationship which had recently resumed again.
  •  Now it has been made official by both parties that finally they have ended the relationship after five years of dating each other. The actual reason for the separation was stated to be mutual by both and due to financial issues, they were not coming to any consensus which became the prime reason for the separation. Although Kayla Nicole is new to the Fandom when in terms of Net worth are not behind any celebrities. Below is a detailed description of her net worth and income sources.

Kayla Nicole’s Net worth:

Nicole as a sports journalist – Her main exposure to the camera and even to her ex-boyfriend Travis Kelce was through this profession. She is an active sports journalist and most of her business activities also revolve around this.

  •  Immediately after graduating from Pepperdine University, Nicole was an intern at leading sports channel franchises like ESPN, and Barstool Sports for coverage which allowed her to refine her skills as a presenter. 
  • She got an opportunity to cover the most popular games and leagues of the USA including the NBA and the NFL where she would host the post-match ceremonies and interview the players associated with the game. She got an opportunity to interview some actors meanwhile which include Sterling K. Brown, and Amy Pohler across various such events.
  •  Now she has become one of the leading sports journalists and hosts having a lot of experience in the field. She is no longer an intern now, her income as a sports journalist accounts for 60 percent of her total income. She receives USD 80k/per month as a salary. 
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Kayla Nicole’s income as an influencer

Now, Kayla is recognized as one of the leading upcoming fashion influencers. Her Instagram followers are growing rapidly in numbers after her on-off relationship with Travis Kelce. She gets several brand offers for endorsements which is evident from her Instagram accounts. Some of the leading brands endorsed by Kayla include Crocs footwear, Savage, X-Fenty, Revolve, and more. 

  • She has also a brand named ” Tribe Therepe” that focuses on workout, physical, and mental fitness. She was sympathised by the public after the breakup which consequently helped her brand to grow as a full-scale business. 
  • All the life events have helped her and now she has a stable income from other sources as well. Recently in an interview, she also disclosed that she is planning to launch her podcast channel where she will conduct interviews with various personalities. 

Apart from all these sources of income, Kayla Nicole has some ancestral assets which include a beach property in Carrabian Islands, a house in Myrtle Beach, and the apartment she is currently living in California is also owned by her so taking into account all of all her income sources, Kayla Nicole’s net worth can be estimated to be around 2.5 million dollars.

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